Reductive Painting
Painting is thought melded to feeling. Abstractly structured painting aims for the essentials of this thought/feeling amalgam. It is determined to get to the bottom of it all, searching for the unvarnished truth, for clarity and proportion. It is bent on defining conditions, deducing properties, getting the facts straight while also opening up to all the mysterious glory of what and how we experience and understand our lives.
My work often starts with what I see around me in my travels (windows, doors, buildings), but then is transformed into a structured object pared down to its bare bones. Color creates light, filling the spaces defined by painted lines or the edges of the canvas. These colored surfaces can be read as objects on a white wall and also as spaces through that wall. There are sometimes hints of a metaphoric dimension to these images created by the use of perspective, which add a suggestion of narrative and evocative mood. I hope that through the tension between the metaphorical and the notational, an emotional response is triggered, opening the door to imaginative dreaming and maybe even to transcendence.
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